Thursday, October 3, 2013


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*** Click the "Buy Now" link below to purchase your copy of American Smoke Documentary. These dvd's are standard definition dvds and we are currently working on High Definition Blueray's with bonus features. As always, the bluerays take much longer, so we working hard to have them available for the 2014 bbq season. please stay tuned. ***

***PLEASE EXPECT 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS FOR DELIVERY. *** please contact us if there are any issues.

If you'd like to setup a screening event for American Smoke, just drop us a line.

Some great bands have contributed music to the soundtrack, we're more than happy to showcase all these bands and have their music in American Smoke, much thanks to Elder, Red Fang, Mannys Method, Serpenthrone, Iron Tongue, Pearls and Brass, and  Dragon Green. Couldn't ask for a better soundtrack.

All in all we are thrilled to present American Smoke to the public and give people a real first hand look inside American Barbecue Competitions. We hope it is well received because we would love to shoot another film showcasing more of this country and the people that cook great bbq. So stay tuned. American Smoke 2-- Return Of The Pitmaster-- coming soon.

In Smoke We Trust!!!

heres the older one:

American Smoke Sacrifice from Mitch Csanadi on Vimeo.