Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dirt News/Upcoming projects

*American Smoke is on it's way! Dvd's available for purchase shortly.

*Happy to have produced the latest music video for Daughn Gibson "Kissin on the blacktop". Hope to do more him in the future.

*Dirt Productions is happy to announce that Chemical Burn Entertainment has acquired North American rights of Nacho Mountain. With a new dvd cover and the beginning of a VOD push, we're stoked to have them pushing the Nacho. Nacho is now available on AMAZON for digital download:

*Dirt's very first horror short, Torment, is complete more than 6 years after being filmed, we'll be putting this raw "classic horror" short on a dvd along with the award winning shorts, The Dead Have Risen and NothingFace.

*The Dead Have Risen has been included in an upcoming international dvd of zombie shorts from around the world produced by Left Films. Should be released and available for purchase sometime in 2012.

*Feature Length comedy screenplay for "Community Pool" is complete and we're currently shopping for investors and midgets. This one is gonna be a hot blast to the face, can't wait for this one. filming begins when we get off our asses.


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